Read! How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa {April}


Are you curious about how to play the Raise a Floppa Game? Learn more about the game in the post How to Get the Time Cube in Raise A floppa.

Are you interested in knowing the Roblox game or to learn more about the game related to Roblox? We’ll be talking about the game that is related to Roblox. The title for the Game is the Roblox Raise a Floppa Game. Did you know about this Game?

The game is popular throughout the world and includes Canada, the United States and Canada. Let’s find out the special features of this article. Let’s start with our article How To Make the Time Cube in the Raise It’s a Floppa.

How to get the Time Cube

  • You can acquire this Time Cube with the help of the backrooms. What you have to do is to be very careful in escaping without dying, and after that you will be able to acquire the time cube that will aid you in surviving.
  • You can also obtain the time cube by the aid by OG Floppa. To do this, you have be able to ascend to the OG Floppa, which is not an easy feat first, then you have to beat OG the Floppa’s Obby after which you will be able to get an hour cube.

Let’s talk about more about Raising a Floppa Floppa on How To get time Cube.

What is Raise a Floppa Game?

The Raise the Floppa Game has become popular within a matter of months, while the amount of people playing the Game is growing every day. According to calculations that there are 71,000 Raise Floppa Game players.

The players this week were not happy when their favorite Game Raise a Floppa was deleted. However the game is back with updates and players are eager to play immediately. In the Game it comes with an update that is new and you can play with to unlock the mysterious hub as well as the time machine, first you must acquire access to the Time Cube.

How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa – Why is it Trending

The Raise of a Floppa Game is being trended on the internet due to the fact that it was popular before but then the Game Raise a Floppa was removed. Since it’s returned with updated versions and has caught the attention of more people, and is becoming more well-known.

Raising a Floppa Game was invented by Floppa#1 from Roblox. The new versions of Raise a Floppa Game have been more entertaining and fun. The time cube, the mysterious hub, and the time machines within Raise a Floppa Game have the ability to assist you get outdoors. How To Go Outside In Raise A Floppa? So, the solution to this question can be found by using the cube of time.


The Raise a Floppa Game has the most people’s hearts However, it was not until it was deleted in the past. Game Raise a Floppa was removed, however now that it is back to the game, it has attracted numerous players. If you’re a lover of Roblox then you should try this Game for the first time as it’s a fascinating game that has become even more exciting after the addition of new features to it.


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