Jujutsu Kaisen fans are holding their breath as Chapter 252 delivers surprising revelations and fierce battles, pitting the main characters against each other as Sukuna appears and raises more questions. In this chapter, we will delve into it and discuss its many features and secrets.

252 What is the fate of the couple in chapter 252?

Ino, Maki, and Kusakabe form a plan outside Yuta’s domain barrier in chapter 252 titled ‘Inhuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown’. Ino, Maki, and Kusakabe rally Maki for battle as expected. Kusakabe warns them not to add too many people yet, as they might alert Sukuna. Maki distracts Sukuna while Rika holds Yuta and Ui Ui seems to take him away.

How does Maki’s katana reveal Sukuna’s weakness?

Maki tries to beat Sukuna in the fight but fails at first. Sukuna then realizes that the wounds caused by his cut cannot be healed by the reverse curse, only direct healing works. The previous war with Gozo prevented him from doing this, exposing his weaknesses and adding further difficulties to this war. This new weakness exposes Sukuna and adds complexity to their fight.

Is Yuji stronger?

Yuuji returns as the battle continues to save Megumi. Unfortunately, it’s clear that his wounds haven’t fully healed, as he starts coughing up blood again. This causes him to worry about his health during this fierce struggle as the conflict between Sukuna and Maki continues, and Sukuna tries to retrieve Maki’s katana

Maki can benefit from Sukuna’s techniques

Chapter 252 reveals an interesting discovery: Maki can spot Sukuna’s move faster than anyone else. This gives him an edge in battle. He even manages to beat Sukuna until Sukuna uses the power of the curse to free the blood again. Sukuna clearly wins this fight due to dismissal! Maki’s ability to understand Sukuna alone can decide who wins a fight, making her unique.

What did Hakari reveal about Sukun’s original approach?

This chapter focuses on the war between Uraume and Hakari. Hakari makes a shocking announcement, revealing that Sukuna’s original form isn’t as dangerous as previously thought, and that her strength levels are slowly diminishing These revelations could have a huge impact on future fighting strategies the types used by the characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 was a fun mix of adventure and action. Yuta’s fate hangs in the balance, Maki reveals Sukuna’s weakness, Yuji’s condition deteriorates and new insights into Sukuna’s original nature are revealed this chapter delivers a spectacular fight that fans who have been eagerly awaiting chapter 253 will appreciate as they will see it established.


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