Are you searching for an event for Halloween? We are talking about an online store that sells Halloween costumes. The website is well-known to customers from the United States. However, consumers want to determine whether it is a Kauliy scam or Legit.

Therefore, when we discuss the issue, we’ll examine its most important aspects to determine its value. Continue reading the next article. is a valid domain

  • The domain is 2 months and 2 days old, and was registered on the 10th of August, 2022.
  • The count of domain trusts is 2 percent.
  • A valid mobile or phone number is not listed by the company that developed it.
  • The owner of the domain doesn’t provide any physical address for the store.
  • We didn’t track any social media logos that were on its official website or any other page.
  • The domain is now #23633523 included on the world ranking platform.
  • Are frequent purchasers’ Kauliy Reviews tracked? No
  • The development conceals the identity of the domain owner.
  • Individual pages are kept for each policy’s information.
  • We found a 14-day return policy.
  • Refunds are possible however, only after a thorough examination.

What is

Kauliy,com is the most efficient e-commerce selling platform, offering Halloween-themed products. From the website you can purchase Halloween hoodies, jackets coats, bottoms, t-shirts and more. They are available in a variety of Halloween-themed designs that separate you from other people.

You can browse through the variety of costumes that will make your Halloween memorable however, it is imperative to be aware of whether Kauliy Scam and Legitbefore spending one cent in it.

Specification of –

  • Domain type: This domain can be classified as the industry of busy cloth.
  • Variety of productsVariety of goodsAll Halloween T-shirts printed with Halloween designs and bottoms, etc.
  • The domain was registered on10/08/2022
  • It will be expired on10/08/2023
  • Domain URL–
  • Email Id–
  • Ring-upthe number of the contact is not present.
  • Official address Official address It’s not mentioned on the website
  • Transport strategy7 for up to fifteen days.
  • Terms of deliveryIt makes use of UPS as well as DHL to send your order.

As per Kauliy Reviews Read its remunerations

  • On the site you can find various Halloween costumes.

Drawbacks of domain

  • Physical address as well as contact number are not there.


The domain of e-commerce is not well constructed and does not have a lot of information. We have not received a single feedback due to the absence of a web webpage on social networks.

The Conclusion-

An analysis of Is Kauliy Scam or Legit found that the website has only two percent of the trust score. This is why we recommend that you examine the site carefully prior to making a purchase.


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