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Entrepreneurs use their businesses to create innovative services and products that solve problems. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be unrealistic as their businesses must earn a profit. Your products must be practical and cost-effective. They also need to appeal to large enough audiences to sustain production.

Although the first computers were created in universities and by government agencies, the idea needed to be reworked by entrepreneurs into something practical and useful. Some governments may require that people meet certain environmental standards. Entrepreneurs who create products and services that appeal to the masses and offer real-world solutions for environmental problems gain more momentum. For more information on the Contribution to Society of Entrepreneurs, get a grip.

What do entrepreneurs contribute to society?

Entrepreneurship takes creativity and foresight. Entrepreneurs aren’t just concerned about their bottom line, even though businesses are built on money. Entrepreneurs are a benefit to society because they help open the door and come up with innovative solutions for practical, economic, and social problems.

Entrepreneurs who start a company create jobs that lead to greater prosperity. Contrary to large corporations that often divert profits to corporate headquarters in big cities, small businesses keep local dollars close at hand. They create jobs and allow local residents to reinvest their profits in the community.

Smaller companies tend to grow faster than their employees. This allows them to spend more money and allow for more small businesses to hire and train new workers. Sponsoring local organizations like school clubs or sports teams is a common way for local businesses to make a profit.

The role and responsibilities of Contribution by entrepreneurs to society

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the ability and willingness to start and manage a profitable business venture, despite the risks. Entrepreneurship is a key component of society’s socioeconomic development.

Identifying market opportunities Entrepreneurial ventures are designed to satisfy client needs and improve lives by manufacturing and distributing products. Continuous market research gives insight into client needs and informs product offerings.

Creating employment — The World Bank’s 2016 Kenya Economic update revealed that 70% of Kenyans were employed by the private sector in 2014. This statistic is expected to have increased due to Kenya’s improvement in ease-of-doing business rankings. This is because entrepreneurship has helped to close the unemployment gap. You can get a better understanding of Contribution to Entrepreneurs to Society .

Contributing towards national income –Entrepreneurship helps to generate government revenue which allows for development. Entrepreneurial businesses contribute more to GDP than other types of enterprises, which is a testament to their importance in funding government programs and promoting economic growth.


Entrepreneurship is essential for any country’s economic as it supports government’s contribution in the provision of goods. This is everything you need to know about Contribution to Entrepreneurs to Society.


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