Read Detailed Reviews! Is Vikki Store Legit {April 2022}


This article provides the answer to the question Is Vikki Store a legitimate business. I hope this article can help you get answers.

Are you looking for an online site that can give you a cool clothing collection? Are you looking to be different from others but also elegant? Do you want to develop your own fashion style? If so, you’re not the only one in the fashion market of the United States.

There’s a renowned website on this site. Anyone who loves to shop wants to know more about the website called Vikki Store. This article will assist you to discover: Is Vikki Store legit or not?or not! Take a look and find out that this website is secure to use? Does it have a good reputation?

Does the website of Vikki Store Trustworthy?

  • Domain Creation Date: The Domain was created on a date that is quite fresh, and it is the date of 11/25/2021.
  • Expiry Date: 11/25/2022. 6 months remain.
  • The Trust Indexis quite terrible considering that it’s only 2 %
  • Owner Information – Not available on the website, however, it can be verified using WHOIS.
  • Contact details are not accessible other than the email.
  • The score of Spam is 04 out of 100.
  • Vikki Store Reviewsif it’s very negative because every customer is complaining, then it’s untrue.
  • This Malware score is 40 of 100. This appears suspicious.
  • A threat score of 44/100 this is not good or bad.
  • Phishing score: 44/100. This makes it suspect.
  • Alexa Ranking The Alexa has provided a rank of 2,860 and the 187.

Based on the current facts, we can conclude that this site is not legitimate. Also, read this article and you might be able to answer the following question: Is Vikki Store legitimateor or not?

What exactly does the site handle?

Vikki Store, a digital shopping website which promises to offer clothing and shoes for women’s large assortment. The site has a great assortment of colors, and is a quirky and distinct collection for women of all sizes.

If this site is proven to be genuine It is a great pleasure for people who enjoy creating different styles every day.

Particulars of Vikki Store

  • Portal’s Name –
  • URL of website –
  • Owner’s NameNot There is a problem is: Is Vikki Store Legal?
  • Email Address-
  • The website’s time of operation The timings of the website’s are Not stated on the site.
  • Contacting AddressNot listed on the official site.
  • Contacting Number It is not available through the official site, nor in other applications.
  • Address Address It is not even found on the website.
  • Refund policyproduct delivered is required to be returned to the manufacturer within thirty days of not being satisfied.

Note:All information contained in this article was obtained from genuine websites.

Let’s take a review some of the advantages and pros and cons of this website. For more details, click below.

Pros to the answer: Is Vikki Store a legitimate business?

  • It offers a nice and exclusive selection of women’s clothes.
  • The clothes collection is distinctive.
  • Filters that relate to the product can be found here.
  • Email addresses are provided to ease the buying process for buyers.
  • The SSL certificate of the website is valid.

The Cons. on the Vikki Store

  • There is no contact number given by the creators of the website.
  • No information related to the data concerning the owner is available.
  • It ranks poorly on review sites.
  • The site’s portal does not provide a contact number for visitors.

Based on the above This website isn’t appearing to be legitimate. So, we should review reviews to get an honest image.

What are Vikki Store Reviews?

When we make the decision to purchase something is a good idea to look up reviews from people who have had the opportunity to use it previously. If you search for reviews about Vikki Store, you may see a negative image of the website on the marketplace.

Everyone who bought on this site should avoid it as much as you can. Many are claiming it’s an ad and nothing more.

The Final Statement

We have discovered that this site is a complete fraud. The reviews and scores are negative for the website. So, we can say “no,” for the research query: Is Vikki Store legitimate or not?


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