‘RDX,’ released on August 25, has become a benchmark for Malayalam thrillers. Shane Nigam (Pepe), Anthony Varghese, and Neeraj madhav are among the film’s star cast. RDX, directed by Nahas hidayath with Weekend Blockbusters as its production house, has managed to capture audiences’ attention through its intense scenes and complex plot. This film continues to draw crowds and is a strong contender among Onam releases.

Phenomenal box office performance

In just four weeks, RDX has dominated the box office, raking in an astounding Rs83 crore. It shows no sign of slowing down. The film’s powerful performances and compelling story have made it a blockbuster. It has surpassed other releases like ‘King of Kotha,’ starring Dulquer Samaan, and ‘Ramachandra Boss & Co.,’ starring Nivin Pauly.

Waiting for the OTT Release

The film’s resounding popularity has set the scene for its OTT debut. Netflix is said to have secured the streaming rights for RDX, igniting a flurry anticipation. Netflix’s release date has not been confirmed. However, rumors suggest that the film may debut on September 22. This would allow a wider audience to enjoy the breathtaking thrill of the film.

Crafting the story: The creative minds behind ‘RDX.’

Weekend Blockbusters is led by Sophia Paul and has a portfolio of Malayalam hit films, such as ‘Bangalore Days,’ and a screenplay written by Adarsh Sukumaran, and Shabazz Raheed. Anbariv is a renowned action choreographer who has worked on films such as ‘KGF’. He has created the high-octane scenes in RDX.

The Narrative is Elevated by the Star-Studded Cast

In addition to the trio of Shane Nigam and Anthony Varghese, there are other renowned actors in this ensemble cast. Babu Antony and Lal are included in the ensemble cast, as well as Aima Rossmy Sebastian, Mahima, Nambiar, Mala, Parvathy and Baiju. This adds a richness to the film, allowing it to explore its many-dimensional characters.

The Unsung Heroes of Stellar Technical Teams

The technical team behind RDX is also a standout. The film’s complex visuals were seamlessly put together by editor Chaman Chacko, cinematographer Alex J. Pulikal and other members of the team. The film’s audio-visual narrative is kept riveting by the music of composer Sam CS, and the lyrics of Manu Manjith. The film’s production is completed by additional crew members such as costume designer Dhanya Balikrishnan, and art director Joseph Nellikal.

The OTT Release: What to expect?

The movie has had a successful run in theaters and the upcoming OTT Netflix release is eagerly anticipated. This streaming premiere is expected to boost the film’s already excellent reception by reaching audiences who haven’t seen it in theatres. The official date has yet to be revealed, but the buzz will ensure that RDX remains a hot topic for some time.

A Thriller That’s Worth the Hype

The film ‘RDX,’ not only showed the potential of high-budget thrillers for the Malayalam industry, but also demonstrated that compelling storytelling combined with exceptional performances could create box office magic. The film is set to be released on OTT, and audiences are eagerly awaiting its release. RDX has etched itself into the history of Malayalam films as a thriller with a real punch.


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