The recent assertion made that was made by Emma selling Sunset Olympics as a Swimmer has been extensively searched online. Find out more here.

On the fourth season of Selling Sunset, which is available via Netflix, Emma Hernan has stated that she has been a candidate to compete in the Olympics. It enjoys an impressive viewership across America, Canada and the United States, Canadaand the United Kingdom ,is widely watched by people across the world.

Do you knowthat the season began on April 2022 and is watched by everyone around the world? People began looking into Emma selling the Sunset Olympics the Sunset Olympicsand whether she was a candidate to compete in the Olympics or not.

The Claim of Qualification for Olympics by Emma Hernan

Our goal in this piece is to let you know the truth about whether Emma Hernan has spoken the truth or not. Emma Hernan is a powerful persona and is regarded as wealthy. The public is usually fascinated by her. There has been rumors that Emma had a history with some of the principal cast members. Also, prior to her appearance on the reality show, worked for Oppenheim Group. Oppenheim Group. Emma worked alongside Brett Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald and others.

The current situation is that Emma of selling Sunset the creator ofhas claimed that she has qualified for Olympics. She has claimed that she is a great swimmer and was able to compete in the Olympics as an athlete. She stated that she began swimming at the age of six years old. Her mother is a swimming instructor, and she was the one who pushed Emma to get into the water. She claimed that she began breaking records and setting records shortly after she started her career on the field. Following reports that emerged, it’s been established that the strongest advantage of Emma in the pool is her backstroke. Emma didn’t provide any specifics regarding this.

The Truth of the Claims of Emma Selling Sunset Olympics

At age 16, Emma Hernan inevitably gave her swimming career. It’s important to note that getting into the swimming competition in the US isn’t an easy task and it follows a track record of success and a variety of trials. According to accounts, Emma did not participate in any trials between 2004 to 2008. However, it could be speculated that Emma may be thinking about or preparing for trials in the near future, but decided against participating.

This could be a valid and reliable theory since there are no official records regarding the Emma Selling Sunset Olympics taking part in trials. Thus, the claims are not substantiated and no official documents have been discovered. Therefore, there was no evidence that is convincing within the mainstream media. Emma Hernan should be coming forward to clarify her position and to clarify the circumstances that made she meet the requirements for Olympics. The issue can only be clarified after further information.


Emma Hernan is getting a significant amount of followers since she began appearing on the Season 2 on Selling Sunset. Hernan has claimed recently that she had once been a part of the Olympics. Following this claim made by Emma selling Sunset Olympics, people began looking up her background in the game.


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