This article offers a valuable information on Net Worth of Jeff Lazkaniand additional information about his private life. Keep an eye on this article to get the most up-to-date information.

Are you familiar with Jeff Lazkani? Are you interested in knowing the value of how much he earns? If yes, then you’ve arrived at the right spot. In the present, most of us know about Jeff Lazkani and his wife, Chelsea, sometimes.

They are well-known in nations like that of United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Are you interested to learn about Jeff Lazkani’s Net Worth? Therefore, without wasting time, check out our blog on the right.

What is Jeff Lazkani Net Worth?

Jeff Lazkani currently works in the capacity of managing partner for his company Icon Media Direct, an advertising firm. His mother also works for the company as the CEO. We all know about Chelsea and he have a extravagant lifestyle. Have you ever thought about the net worth of his estate?

According to our sources, the most recent report claims Jeff Lazkani’s annual net worth that is 5 million dollars, which seems from our expectations. It’s actually true according to calculations it’s turned out to be about $5 million only. Jeff Selling Sunset Chelsea’s husband also has received a huge amount of fame after his wife was the star of the infamous reality show.

Who is Jeff Lazkani?

According to the report, Jeff began in his profession as a traffic manager however, this wasn’t enough. He quickly climbed into the highest levels of his field and, at present, he is the managing partner at Icon Media Direct, a firm that is founded on advertising. Additionally, his mom is the CEO of the company.

According to the most recent estimates the net worth of Jeff Lazkani is now about $5 million. After gaining fame through the popular TV series “Selling Sunset”, people tend to want to know what Chelsea’s spouse is like Jeff and his net worth Jeff Lazkani . Jeff is famous as the husband of his partner, Chelsea, a real estate agent in London.

If we look into more information about Jeff Lazkani, we get to learn that the place he was born was Manhattan Beach in California in 1982. If we look at his age. He is 40 years old. older. He earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration at San Diego University. His sister’s surname is Sara Z Lazkani.

He is his father to two kids His Son’s title is Maddox Ali Lavon Lazkani, and his daughter’s name is Melia Iman Lazkani.

Comparison of Jeff’s Net Worth Lazkani, and Chelsea:

Although we are all aware that Jeff is well-known as a businessman and works in the role of managing partner at Icon Media Direct. Jeff has an income in the range of 5 million dollars. In addition, if we speak about his wife Chelsea is a real Estate agent, Chelsea is earning approximately $5 million.

The Conclusion Statement:

Jeff as a businessman is earning huge sums of profits.


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