The article is about the time when Jada cheat on Will and determining whether the cheating allegations are true or fake. Go through the whole article to discover the truth.

It’s been a little over twenty-five years now from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s wedding. They look gorgeous together. But, there are allegations of infidelity an issue in the relationship of a couple after they were married. People from various countries like Australia, Canada United KingdomCanada and The United States and Australia want to determine if the rumours are true or not.

This article will discuss all the important aspects that can provide us with the confirmation of What happened when Jada cheat on Will.

Rumours of Jada cheating on Will

According to the news reports, in the year 2015 Jada Pinkett revealed that she had an affair Tupac Shakur in an appearance on Howard Stern. The actress revealed that she was involved in this affair while having a break with Will Smith.

Interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jada stated she was sorry for the incident and that she will not ever do it again. She also had a relationship with August Alsina. After August boasted about his affair with Jada they both Will and Jada refused to admit it to August. According to our investigation on what happened when Jada cheat on Will Smith, Jada later admitted that she had was in a serious relationship.

More details about Jade cheating Will

Rumours have previously suggested that Jada pinkett Smith had a relationship with Marc Anthony, but Jada did not confirm the report. in 2015 Jada said to Howard Stern that she was able to date others, but Will Smith won’t. But, the couple affirmed that they could do what they wanted to, according to Jada.

The rumours were all dismissed from the pair in 2015.There are a variety of rumours about the controversies couples have had to deal with. In a recent interview with the media, Will Smith has cleared all reports.

What was the date that Jada Cheat on Will Real or fake?

On the 13th of March, 2022 Sunday, during an interview Gayle King Will Smith responded to the accusations of his infidelity and Jada Pinkkett Smith. Will said that rumors claiming the couple was in love are false.

Jada as well as Will discuss all kinds of topics. They’ve never been shocked by anything Will Smith said. Will Smith.

Will and Jada Oscar 2022

In the Oscar 2022 film, Chris Rock cracked a joke about Jada Pinkett’s hair that was shaved making a comparison between her appearance and Demi Moore’s performance as GI Jane in GI Jane Film. According to “When did Jada Cheat on Will, Rock also declared that he would love to watch her performance as GI Jane 2 GI Jane 2. After hearing the comedy, Will Smith went to the stage, and struck Chris Rock on the stage.


Rumours suggested that there was affair between the couple over the following years, after Will Smith denied their marriage in a recent interview March 2022. But, the truth is not yet known as some interviews claimed that Jada was a lover prior to her wedding with Will Smith.


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