In this article in this article, you can determine the truth about Dotmalls legitimate or a fraud by examining all the details and the information available on the site.

Do you suffer from foot issues? Do you experience pressure and discomfort in your knees or ankles when walking? In orthopaedicsthere are many forms of treatments can help solve these issues.

A lot of people across America United Statesare suffering from one or more leg issues. The solution to any problem you encounter on the road by simply wearing the right sandal. It’s not your ordinary sandal that makes. Let’s see whether Dotmalls legitimate or not.

Basic information about

  • The age that the site is:this website was created on the 16th of January, 2021. The website has been for sale for one year and three months.
  • Alexa rating:5864049 is the Global Alexa ranking of this website.
  • The score of Trust:14% of trust score.
  • Social media connections: we did not locate any social media sites on this site.
  • Copyrighted Content:the content of this website is copied 23 while 77% of it is 100% original.

The website is very cryptic. The interface and the design of the site appear legitimate, however, we can only verify its authenticity through Dotmalls reviews . So we will discuss the authenticity and customer reviews on the website in order to comprehend it more thoroughly.

  • Reviews from customers:customer review are posted on their site, however it’s impossible to verify whether they are genuine.
  • The authenticity of the contact address:contact address provided on the site is not legitimate. It could be considered to be an e-mail scam, or perhaps the website is fraudulent.
  • Owner’s details:we could not find the owner’s information on this site.
  • Policy on Returns: it is not clear in specific information on the return and refund policy on this site. We are not able to trust this website without such crucial information.


Is Dotmalls Legit or not? We can’t say that with only a little details. But, this website has designed distinctive footwear that can help people get relief from Orthopaedic issues. If you are suffering from any issues such as flat feet or ankle pain, or knees then you should consider this shoe, and you will be relaxed. It is also fashionable for other occasions.


  • The kind of site:this website designs a distinct style of sandals which aids in the treatment of medical conditions.
  • Portal’s date of launch:16 Jan 2021.
  • Website link:
  • Email address:

Is Dotmalls Legit? There is no evidence on the website supports the idea that this site is legitimate. A majority of the information on the website is either fake or not available.

  • Contact phone number information missing
  • Contact address: Room 702, 7/F, Spa Centre, No. 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, HK.
  • Sorting optionWe are unable to open this product therefore there is the possibility of having an option to sort and filter.
  • Price of the product:there is no useful details on how that you are able to pay for the item.
  • Delivery and shipping methods:unclear.
  • Method of payment:Paypal, MasterCard, Visa.

Pros and cons that claim: Is Dotmalls legit?

  • The result and motive behind the development of the site are both very appealing.
  • The layout and design of the page are pleasing.
  • This site has been for over one year.


  • There is no correct availability of the required information on this site. The other information may be false or unavailable.
  • This business has been operating for over an year, yet it has 14% of trust score.
  • Important information on shipping policies and other policies aren’t available on the site.
  • You can’t click on an item on the site to purchase it. The website is an ad.

Dotmalls Reviews

Reviews are posted on the site with high ratings and excellent comments from users with relevant images However, the main issue is that there’s no evidence that the reviews are genuine. Additionally, you are not able to buy the item and therefore, you cannot purchase it, therefore how can any person buy a product, and write a positive review for it. 


When we look at the entire details on the website it is clear that the website is fraudulent since all of the crucial information is not there. is Dotmalls legit (or a fraud)? is obvious since you can’t purchase any item from the website.


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