Linux Ubuntu for the Beginner User: Linux is a open source, free operating system that is renowned for its security and flexibility. Linux distributions like Ubuntu are straightforward to learn for novices However, there are more sophisticated distributions that are accessible.

The most frequently asked question is, “Is Ubuntu good for beginner?”. There are a lot of Ubuntu advantages and disadvantages that affect the user experience.

This article will go over the drawbacks and advantages of Ubuntu for people who are complete novices. This will allow them to understand and determine whether they should make use of it or not.

Ubuntu is a well-known for its secure environment, but it is a need for additional security to protect against hackers. We’ll go into more detail later in this article.

If you’re Ubuntu user who is new and would like to understand the pros and cons of Ubuntu continue reading this article!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Ubuntu?

There are many benefits and disadvantages of using Ubuntu for those who are new to the platform. Let’s take a review the benefits prior to focusing on the disadvantages.


Free OS:

Ubuntu is an operating system built on Linux and is completely free to download, use and share. It is among the most well-known desktop Linux distributions. It also comes with fantastic security features.


This powerful debian-based Linux operating system provides greater customization options over others Linux distributions. It lets users install the desktop OS they prefer, such as KDE, GNOME, and Xfce. Ubuntu can also allow users to alter the appearance and appearance of their desktops by using designs and themes.


One of the main reasons to its popularity that the OS is extremely safe. Ubuntu is well-known for being among the safest Linux distributions that are available. The security options it offers include AppArmor which limits the applications that are able to installed on your system, as well as a firewall to block any unauthorized access to your computer.

In addition, it is crucial and advised to use a VPN with Ubuntu to ensure security online against hackers. VPNs are a type of VPN is a the virtual private networks, are a safe connection between the two devices. It is utilized to connect to a secure network via the internet. VPNs are used to improve privacy and unblock content. If you use VPNs VPN your data is protected and cannot be read by any other person. This makes it hard for someone else to trace your activities or take your data.

There are numerous VPN providers, however none of them is identical. It is crucial to investigate the various options and choose the one that meets your requirements. We suggest VeePN to all users since it’s probably the best and most sophisticated VPN service currently available for all operating systems and devices.

Fantastic to programmers

Ubuntu is an open source computer platform that has many advantages to programmer. It is an open source solid, reliable and stable system that is simple to use. Furthermore, this OS lets programmers develop unique programs which aren’t accessible on other operating systems.

Easy updates

One of the greatest advantages that Ubuntu has Ubuntu is the simplicity of updating. Updates are easy to install and generally don’t require reboots. Many updates are security-related, which is why it is essential that you keep your computer up-to current.

The availability of software repository:

Another advantage to enjoy with Ubuntu is the broad range of software accessible. There are numerous software repositories this means that users are able to find almost any software they require. There are many versions of the most popular software like Firefox or LibreOffice.


Limited Functionality:

The main drawback one of the main disadvantages is the fact that Ubuntu provides a only a limited set of features in comparison to the other OS. For instance, Ubuntu does not include an integrated media player. This means users have to install a third-party application to play videos or music.

Furthermore, it does not have certain options that are available with Windows and macOS like an taskbar or a file manager. This makes Ubuntu difficult for those who are accustomed to operating systems that are different.

It is difficult to locate supportfor:

One of the major disadvantages of using Ubuntu has to do with the fact that it could be harder to locate support than for various operating systems. This is due to the fact that there are no as many experts in Ubuntu as they is for Windows and macOS.

Tough To Understand:

Although Ubuntu is simple to navigate, it can be difficult to grasp for novice users. The command-line interface isn’t easy to navigate and there are numerous commands that are unique to Ubuntu. Furthermore the configuration files could be difficult to comprehend and edit.

is not a good choice to play games:

Ubuntu isn’t the best choice to be used for gaming. The biggest drawback to using the OS in gaming purposes is the fact that there aren’t many games compatible within the system.

Furthermore the graphics performance isn’t quite as fast as Windows and can lead to issues in certain games. Another drawback of the OS to play games is that there aren’t many utilities and tools available to improve graphics performance.

Issues with compatibility:

There are some Ubuntu software and compatibility issues with hardware that users should be aware prior to making the switch from other operating systems. For instance, many scanners and printers aren’t compatible with Ubuntu and consequently won’t be compatible with Ubuntu.

Furthermore, certain types of hardware, including wireless cards and graphics cards, aren’t compatible in a way or even work when used with Ubuntu.

In the end there are many advantages and cons of the use of Linux Ubuntu for beginner users. In general, it’s an excellent system that’s stable and offers a wide range of options. However, there are a few areas that could benefit from improvement for example, support accessibility. If anyone is looking for an operating system that they can explore, Linux Ubuntu could be an excellent choice.


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