The main and verified information on the site will provide you with the information that It is is legitimate or a fraud. Find out more about the report.

Do you like fashionable curtains? Do you wish to buy trendy and modern-day décor? A virtual store for buyers similar to you provides these items to customers. The name of the web-based store is Virtual store is extremely well-known in the nation, just similar to those in the UnitedStates. Many buyers are purchasing items from this store. However, they do not know the location of the store. Therefore, from a standpoint of the buyer, we’ll learn all information regarding the website. Let’s verify and confirm is Ownkoti legitimate is it legitimateor a fraudulent website?

Is The Website Legit?

Let’s look at the reliable aspects of this website in a short summary.

Domain Creation Date Date of creation for the domain is June 30, 2021.

The date of expiry The domain expires at the end of June, 2022. Within a twenty days and one month the domain will expire.

Information about details of the Owner(s): The owner’s name is not revealed in”Whois” search “Whois” search.

trust score: The website has only a 21 percent trust score. This isn’t enough.

The official address is: The official address is not listed on the official website.

Index Trust Score Its index score stands at 58.1 percent.

Selfkoti reviews We haven’t found one single review from a customer on the official site.

threat profile scoreThe score of the threat profile is 24 percent out of 100.

Phishing ScoreThe score of phishing is 11 percent out of 100.

A Website’s Popularity Score: The website’s popularity score is lower. It’s around the score of 1142239.

We must find the most basic and essential verification methods that are used for the virtual store. However, they do not verify the legitimacy of the site. For a further investigation, we must discover and verify more information, and then determine whether it is Ownkoti Legal or not.or not?

Learn about the Ownkoti

Ownkoti has a variety of bath and bedding products. The online store also provides curtaining, gardening, kitchen and wall painting

items at a reasonable price. The main outcomes are tablescloths, aprons and tablecloths and bedding sets, as well as pillow towels decorative pillows and home decor, sofa covers blankets, rugs, and many other items. The items are priced at various rates. Main Factors of the Website

Name of the Website- Owakoti

Website’s URL-

Official Email ID-

Contact InformationContact Information:The phone number is852 4639 9740. It is also available on the “Whatsapp” number is also listed on the website: +852-59859834.

No. of OwnerThe Owner’s identity is concealed. It begs the question, is Ownkoti Legit?

Postal AddressNo post office address has been provided on the site.

Return Policy30 days with a conditional return policy.

Please be aware that all information presented here is derived from trusted and verified internet sources.

Are you aware of the site? Not really, we must look up more details regarding the online store. It is time to find out the pros and cons of this website. The information we have gathered is based on reliable and important data , which will help us clarify our conclusions and eliminate any confusion regarding this online store.

The positive argument to prove the validity of Ownkoti legitimate or not

  1. HTTPS protocols are recognized.
  2. The store online offers many different decor products that are all under one umbrella.
  3. The website has a one-week refund policy of one week.
  4. The site mentions Facebook’s ID.
  5. The costs of this item aren’t that expensive.

Let’s discover the issues that are negative to the site

  1. The website was created eleven months ago.
  2. The store’s virtual version has a return policy that is conditional.
  3. The score for suspicious proximity is approximately 25 percent out of 100.
  4. The score for spam is 24 percent out of 100.
  5. The official address isn’t listed on the website.

Do you get anything new in Ownkoti Reviews?

Unfortunately, we do not have any reviews from customers on the website. This is a huge problem of any website. Without feedback from customers it is impossible to make purchasing decisions from an online store. However, from other reliable sources, we can find favorable reviews of the site. However, we must verify further for more information to determine the most accurate information about the site.


After examining all the data and points After examining the points and data, we get to the discussion section. This article will attempt to locate the essential and basic facts to solve the problemWhat is the truth? Are Ownkoti legitimate? Or is it a scam. We find that the store’s website is missing many important details that indicate the potential dangers of the site.


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