This article discusses the dispute between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard. Is Johnny Depp Guilty Yet to be determined.

Are you aware of the lawsuit and controversy surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship? The lawsuit was brought by Amber Heard, who claimed that Johnny Depp beat her and made him bruised.

This debate is Worldwide and clarifies who is really the victim and who is plotting against others. In court, people can express their opinions and make statements. But it must be justified. Johnny Depp guilty?

In the court?

During the court session, many allegations were made against Amber Heard as well as Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard alleging that she had blackmailed him for money, and made a false allegation that also negatively affected his career.

Johnny Depp claimed that she framed him for money and destroyed his career. Johnny Depp was also accused of many other things in court. However, it is not clear who is guilty.

Johnny Depp Amber Sheard Who Is Guilty .

Amber Heard has made numerous allegations that Johnny Depp was brutally assaulting and beating Amber Heard to death. Johnny Depp even said that he would “kill” her in their relationship, and she heard this from his partner. She was clearly hurt to a great extent.

Johnny Depp, however, was less aggressive and asked for his help. He stated that it was all Amber Heard’s plot to get him money and ruin his career as an actor. His upcoming film Fantastic Beasts 3 is also asking for him to resign because of this case.

Amber Heard Guilty

Although the testimony did not reach the conclusion of who was guilty or not, all of Amber Heard’s allegations are against Johnny Depp and there are some proofs she is claiming against him.

Amber Heard has bruises and cuts all over her body, which Johnny Depp caused. She also claims that Johnny checked her cavity because Johnny believes she’s hiding cocaine in it. Amber stated that she loved him and his family. I am being brutally attacked by him and he is drinking and beating me in all ways. Is Johnny Depp guilty or Amber Heard Although the testimony is still ongoing, it is not clear if either party is making massive allegations or complaining about each other.


The controversy between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard is confusing as the allegations against him are both brutal and unacceptable. Johnny Depp claims that he has framed Amber, but Amber claims that he has abused and beat him.


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