The one thing that can encourage consumers to apply for a credit card online is that the banks want them to do this. They know that if there is a likelihood that people’s identities will be stolen when they fill out applications online, no one will do it. So the key is to apply on a reputable website. These websites are secure because they encrypt the information that people type. In addition to that, if they remain on the website for too long, the system will log them out.

Filling out credit card applications online is highly safe for the following reasons:

  • Because credit card issuers have secure websites, personal information travels safely throughout the secure site.
  • The website has SSL encryption technology. People will know this by looking at the address bar. They will see a padlock, and after that, the address will begin with “https.” These signals mean that the website uses encryption technology, so the words they type will be in code. The website receives a decoding key from the SSL technology. If hackers don’t have the key, it will be impossible for them to decipher the words.
  • If people are tech-savvy, they can set up their connections. This requires that they create a router password and enable WAP2 encryption. Then, they can allow the devices that they want to connect with their networks to do so. They can do this by typing their IP addresses into a browser and entering their usernames and passwords. If they need further instructions, they may consult their router’s user manual, or they can call their internet providers.

Is It Safe to Apply for a Credit Card Online?

Financial information can be classified as some of the people’s most sensitive information. Financial institutions know that they need to ask for this information, but they also know to ensure it is incredibly safe. Hackers do what they do because they are looking for money to steal, focusing on financial websites. 

Financial institutions hire cybersecurity experts to ensure that their websites, apps and programs will be safe from hackers. Therefore, applicants must know that they are on the financial institution’s accurate website when applying for a credit card. Before clicking on a link, they have to know that it is a legitimate link going to the financial institution’s website. If the URL has the bank’s domain, they are probably safe, but to be completely secure, type the URL yourself and then search for the credit card application.

According to the experts at SoFi, people can take steps if they believe that they entered their personal information on the wrong website. The first thing they will need to do is change their email address and passwords. Also, they need to let the credit bureaus and their credit card issuers know that they had a possible breach of their information. Rather than risk the possibility of a breach, apply for a credit card online with SoFi Invest.


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