In this article you will read about Brianna Ghey Tiktok.

Brianna Ghey’s friends claim that the transgender teenager was bullied for years because of her gender identity.

The 16-year old was found fatally stabbed in Warrington Park over the weekend. This happened just days after she posted a TikTok video that revealed she had been ‘excluded’ from school.

A fundraising page has received more than PS52,000 in donations. It was established in memory Brianna. She is described as someone who “brought lots of laughter” and who looked forward to moving on with school.

She was an extraordinary character that would make a lasting impression on everyone who met her. Brianna was charming, funny and witty. Brianna was strong and fearless. She was unique,” Brianna’s family stated in a statement.

“The loss in her young life has caused a huge hole in our family and we know that her teachers and friends will feel the same.

Detectives arrest two teenagers in connection with the death of 16 year old brianna ghey in warrington said, adding that the suspects, a boy and a girl from the area, are currently in custody and cooperating with the investigation. The Times, a British newspaper, that Ghey’s murder was “a targeted attack,” but her death is not being treated as a Transgender Girl, but the police investigating her murder say that there is no evidence suggesting that it was a hate crime.

Two 15-year-old girls and a boy were arrested for her murder.

Five days before her death she posted a TikTok clip with the caption “Got expelled from school”

It shows Brianna in her Birchwood Community School uniform in her bedroom.

Brianna was a popular user on social media, and her fans are paying their respects. “So gorgeous. “So sad to see people in this world taken too soon and in the worst possible ways,” a TikTok user named Immi stated.

Briana Ghey uploaded a TikTok video just hours before her murder.

The trans teenager was a regular poster on the social media platform and had thousands of followers.

She maintained several social media profiles, and posted many videos there. Sometimes she even mimed pop songs while wearing her school uniform.

Brianna’s fans also paid tribute via the app.


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