In this article you will read about Bus Truck Collision In South Africa.

According to the reginal transport department, 20 people were killed and 60 others were injured in a collision between an armoured truck & bus in South Africa’s northern province Limpopo.

According to a statement from the department, “Twenty people died tragically in an accident in which a cash-in transit truck lost control and collided head on with an oncoming bus” at a highway on Monday.

Ten of the injured had been taken to hospital in critical condition.

Police divers searched a river running along the highway for people that might have been swept away.

Although the cause of the accident remains under investigation, heavy rains have been drenching this region in recent days, a Tidimalo Chene spokesperson for the department told AFP.

In recent days, downpours caused flooding in many parts of South Africa. At least seven people were killed and the government declared a national emergency.

ER24 reported that the bus rolled down the N1 freeway bridge into a river below.

According to the report, “three people were discovered dead by the roadside and sixteen down by the river; all were declared deceased upon arrival.”

Officials stated that 10 of those injured were in critical condition and were taken to the hospital.

Police divers are looking for anyone who may have been swept away by the river running along the highway.

Tidimalo Chene, a spokesperson of the department, told AFP that an accident was under investigation but that heavy rain had been drenching this area.

In the last few days, downpours caused flooding in many parts of the country. The ruling government declared it a national catastrophe after at least seven people were killed.

Rains in many provinces have caused flooding in South Africa over the past few days. Seven people have been confirmed dead, and many more are still missing. The government declared a national emergency.

According to the national weather forecasting institution, rains will still fall in the middle of the south summer for several more days. This warns of flooding.

The worst floods of 2022 were experienced in Durban (southeast), killing over 400 people and causing extensive destruction.

South Africa is home to one of the best road networks in Africa, but it has the lowest road safety performance.


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