Tiny Pretty Things has been on Netflix for almost a year. This teen ballet drama shows the beauty and dangers of the dance world, as well as the graceful side. Is Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 now available on Netflix or have they canceled it?

Mixed reviews were received for the first season. Some viewers watched the entire 10 episodes of season 1 in one sitting, while others gave up halfway through.

We are left wondering if Netflix will continue the series via Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 or if they will just let it go. Continue reading if you’re interested in this and other questions.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Release Date

Tiny Pretty Things season one was based on the same book by Sona Charaipotra, and Dhonielle Clay. It had lots of drama. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a rating 52%. This was despite critics expressing disapproval at the excessive sex scenes for a teen series.

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Some thought it was inappropriate and unnecessary. Some thought the sex scenes pulled the show from its plot and distracted viewers from the mystery of the show.

The Netflix team has been silent about season 2. However, Brennan Clost, who was part of season 1, as Shane, has made a youtube video expressing concern about the show’s progress.


Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Date

Brennan Close, and His Youtube Video Concerning Tiny Pretty Things Season II


Fans who have waited so long to hear about Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 are disappointed. Close shared the following video: Netflix quietly cancelled Tiny Pretty Things Season 2.Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Brennan Close’s Youtube Video Concerning Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Close spoke out recently about season 2 Tiny Pretty Things. He told everyone that the show was cancelled. He also shared the reasons why no one from cast, crew, producers, or directors had spoken out about it. He stated:

“Netflix said they wouldn’t announce it, because Netflix content is always available on their site. It will remain up forever on Netflix.

They didn’t want to take away from the discoverability….If people know that a show isn’t coming back for a second season, more often than not they’re going to choose not to watch it. They don’t want attachment.”

He also clarified that it was for this reason that all the actors decided to remain silent. He said that the show was loved by all actors, including himself, and that they were glad to be part of it.

He spoke of how Shane’s role has been a pivotal part in his career. Unfortunately, Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 will not be available.


Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 revolves around the Archer School of Ballet, a Chicago-based elite ballet school. It featured the shocking fall from the roof of Cassie, the star balleterina.

It also revealed the various theories surrounding her fall. Some believed it was an accident, while others believed it was planned to take her out. Her injury means that her spot is available to anyone who wants it.

Cue Neveah, Cue’s new assistant, adds to the drama. With her charm, she changes the entire dynamic of the ballet school. Bette and her fellow girls aren’t happy to see her rise. They believe they are the only ones who have the right to be Archer’s best.

If season 2 had been approved, it would have continued with the second installment of the series by Charaipotra or Clayton. Fans can still read the book to find out what happens next, but that is not happening.

You can also rewatch the series on Netflix if you’re interested.


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