You are interested in creating a sketch collection? Do you want to develop your sketch abilities? Here’s the source for the book written by Kim Jung Gi. The amazing sketchbook collection of North America is popular in Australia, India and many other countries. Are you interested in knowing the truth about is Kimjunggius Scam or a Legit site? Read on to find out more information about the website’s authenticity and additional details.

Do you think Kimjunggius is a reputable site?

Before you can purchase books from this Kimjunggius website, it’s essential to know some reliable details about the website. Below is a section of details that will help you get an understanding of the website.

  • Website launched by: Kimjunggius is a long-running website which was first created nine years ago (15th July 2013).).
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The Kimjunggius website

Kim Jung Gi, the famous Korean artist was born in 1975 in the city of Goyang Si, South Korea. At 19 years old He enrolled in the Art and Design major in Fine Arts School. After 12 years, he’s got six sketchbooks and more than 4500 pages of sketches. Kim was chosen to be Kim, the Hip-Hop creator from Korean Drunken Tiger to design the album’s cover. He was recognized on the Guinness Records book as the Individual Longest drawing.

Website features according to Kimjunggius Review :

  • Web Type online sketch books selling site.
  • Type of Product: Sketchbook collections, online courses, workshops and more.
  • Website was created on the date of 15th July , 2013.
  • Website expiry Date: 15th July 2023
  • Website’s URL Address:
  • Customer service ID:


  • is well-known.


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The study of The research conducted by Kimjunggius Scam or Legit confirms that the site has significant impact. There was no evidence of plagiarism. The Kimjunggius website boasts a fantastic 96 percent trust rating. We suggest you research further before purchasing as there are no additional reviews are found online.


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