Susan Beryl Hogg began her career at CIBC Amherst in February 1973. Characterized by her tireless dedication to customers and colleagues, she developed genuine compassion and care for its clients, and created relationships that extended beyond professional boundaries. These networks are far older than any business boundaries. We’ll talk about his retirement plans, the generosity he leaves behind, and any legacies.

What did Susan do at CIBC Amherst?

Susan was known for her unwavering commitment and loyalty to CIBC Amherst. Susan showed genuine empathy and care when building relationships, whether as a bank manager or loan officer. These qualities helped him excel as a valued team member at CIBC Amherst.

Susan’s retirement and new career: How did she cope?

Susan was very active in her retirement and found new ways to stay busy. He used Norwex products for renovations and provided bookkeeping services to Plumbing and Heating of Bickerton. Susan showed dedication and determination in every role she played. She demonstrated her ability to change change and her passion for helping others.

What has made Susan’s life happy and kind?

Her career wasn’t the only thing that defined Susan’s life. He pursued his passions with gusto, and found pleasure in relationships with others. Susan was a beloved daughter, sister and friend to all around her. He knew no bounds in his kindness to others. Whether it was tending her garden, laughing with her loved ones, or reading aloud to them, Susan enjoyed life to the fullest, bringing comfort and joy to all around her

In memory of Susan Beryl Hogan

Today we remember all that Susan Beryl Hogg was and all that she left behind. We think of all he did and remember to emulate his kindness, compassion and devotion. Susan is a beacon of inspiration, shining brightly with hope and kindness. He encourages all of us. We thank him for his presence – his memory will shine brighter in the years to come.

What is the estate of Susan Beryl Hogg?

Susan Beryl Hoeg touched the lives of many in Amherst, both personally and professionally. His unwavering dedication, compassion and devotion are a testament to his generosity. We hope that her legacy will inspire us all to live purposeful lives and spread positivity throughout society, in memory of this truly remarkable woman.

The life and legacy of Susan Beryl Hogg is a testament to the power of one person to profoundly impact others through service, kindness and commitment We strive to articulate and live her values, while positively contributing to our community so, and meet people who are lasting memories in our life’s journey As we do so, we continue to be inspired and strengthened by his legacy. Rest in peace Susan, your soul will live on through those you touched and shared love with over the years! Rest in peace Susan, your spirit will live on through those you touched today and through the years!


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