Are you looking to upgrade your closet of shoes a bit? You are also a fan of sneakers? If so, this article could be the one perfect for you. It’s an online retailer that is based within the United States, and we’ve provided the most important information about

Is real?

  • Portal Establishment –Its registration details aren’t mentioned anywhere.
  • Portal’s Trust Factor –Its trust index isn’t accessible.
  • Alexa Ranking –It is a pretty low global rank (1057419).
  • Social MediaTheir social media site is not accessible.
  • Company Address Company Address Not listed anywhere.
  • Contact Number – Not given.
  • Refunding Details – Not found.
  • Return Information – Not available.
  • Privacy PolicyIt is listed on the website, but it appears like a fake.
  • Owner Information Owner DetailsNot given.
  • Are Reviews Given? No.


Askmall operates an on-line store selling shoes. They usually provide Nike items on their site. They make use of all the information they collect from customers to process orders and send emails. They also give the fastest and most convenient online experience. This lets them offer customers with exclusive discounts and discounts on their products.

Is Scam or Legit?

Check out the information on this store to confirm its legitimacy.

  • Portal Type It’s an online store selling sneakers for both genders.
  • Item Type – Nike Air Force, Nike Air Max, Vintage Sneaker Collection, etc.
  • Portal Registration DateCannot be located.
  • portal expiry dateCannot be located.
  • Website’s URL –
  • E-mail Address –
  • Contact NumberNot listed on their website.
  • Company Address Company Address Not available anywhere.
  • Shipping Information Shipping Details Not listed via their website.
  • Delivery TimelineIt’s not on the site.

Pros as per Reviews

  • Their email address is provided to help customers.


  • Customer feedback was not located anywhere.
  • They do not provide any pertinent information on their business or its policies.

Further Reviews

Askmall is an online retailer of shoes, however, there aren’t reviews. There are no comments on the internet, not even on other websites.


Askmall can be described as an online retailer of sneakers however we were unable to discover much information about the shop as of yet. Its credibility is not as well. We recommend that you avoid shopping on this site until we receive more details about the website’s trust factor.


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