There are a few websites that offer custom-designed furniture and clothing within The United States and Canada. Numerous websites offer high-end costs for customizing. The crowds are getting ready for the festivals as Halloween draws near and thanksgiving is coming up and the season of festivals commences.

If you’re in the market for a way to shop before the festival on with discounts of up to 50 We suggest you read its reviews below to learn whether it is a scam or Legit?

Does cake-love actually exist?

  • Cake-lust was officially registered on the 23rd of May 2022 at Arizona, USA.
  • It earned a horrible 11% trust score. This means that is a rip-off.
  • It was a mediocre 14.7 percent business rating.
  • The site was awarded a pathetic 3.100 domain authority.
  • Its IP is registered with an SSL certification for the coming 75 days.
  • The website has a suspect score of 38 percent, 72% threat, 62% phishing 72 percent malware and 53 percent spam scores.
  • The registration of Cake-Lust expires on May 23rd, 2023.
  • Payments can be made through PayPal as well as all major debit and credit cards are accepted in USD.

Brief Cake-Lust Reviews :

Cake-lust sells clothing at affordable costs, as well as discounts that are substantial as well as clearance sales and other festival promotions. Its goal is to bring you joy by providing quality products. The mission statement of the website is not original and has been stolen from various websites.

Cake-lust is a brand new website that has been online for the last four months and 26 days. Cake-lust is a retailer of furniture and clothes.

Cake-lust sells:

  • Kids blankets with personalized names,
  • Themed pajamas with a festive theme,
  • Lady-day 49 percent off and
  • The festival season is 50 percent off.


  • Buy festival and themed clothing at
  • is the business email account.
  • Privacy policy and terms were copied on cake-lust.
  • Cake-Lust Review verified a processing time that was one full day.
  • Standard shipping takes 12-20 working days. Express shipping takes 7-12 business days.
  • A shipping cost of $5.99-$30.00 is charged based upon the location.
  • Cake-lust allows returns up to 14 days after purchase.


  • There aren’t many benefits of purchasing from cake-lust other than the fact that it provides huge discounts.


  • The timing of refunds is not stated.
  • The address and number are not specified.
  • Discounts that aren’t real, up 50% to 70 percent

Customers Reviews:

Twelve online reviews for suggests a scam. There are no video or customer reviews could be found on the web. Cake-lust earned an average of 674,335 Alexa rank.


Is cake-lust scam or legitimate? The answer comes from reviews, which suggest it’s an untrue website. Its shaky scores on phishing, spam threat, malware, and suspicion profiles posed a risk to user security and data integrity. has a terrible trust scores., DA business along with an Alexa ranking.


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