Compare facts and information about Wordle and WorLdel, two of the most popular word puzzle games. Learn more about Worldel Wordle.

Do you want to increase your geographic knowledge through an entertaining game? Are you looking to teach your children about geography and country names in an engaging way? Do you want to create a word puzzle game that is very popular worldwide?

WorLdel is a web-based game that has been played by over half-a million users. In this Worldel Wordle review, we will look at the most recent world puzzle.


WorLdel launched on the 30th of January 2022. It was created by Teuteuf who is a popular Twitter user. Teuteuf invited his Ko-Fi friends and followers to play the game after it was launched. WorLdel gained popularity quickly, with over one million people playing the game as of 16 February 2022.

Wordle was created in 2021. It currently has over five million users who play the game and share their results instantly on social media.

WorLdel can be considered a spin-off from Wordle. Worldel Game allows you to enter the country’s first three initials and the website will populate the country name accordingly. The results will show you the percentage distance to the correct country by pressing the enter key. This is easier than the Wordle puzzle.

Because their spellings are identical, it is often mistaken for Wordle game.

  • Each game offers one puzzle at the start of each day.
  • Both games offer six chances for users to guess the correct word.
  • Both games allow users to copy words and share them via social media.

Differences between Worldel Wordle:

  • Wordle is a word-based system that uses words from English vocabulary. It may contain fewer names than countries. WorLdel, however, is solely based on the names of counties.
  • Wordle displays the alphabets that are capable of solving the word puzzle. WorLdel provides an outline of the country for you to guess its name.
  • Wordle has three colors for tiles. They change based upon the sequence of alphabets. WorLdel, however, will display the distance to a country based on an incorrect country name.
  • Wordle requires that the user arrange the alphabets in the correct sequence. Worldel Wordle asks the user to guess the country name from an image of a outlined map.
  • Users will attempt to rearrange alphabets using Wordle in the next attempt. However, WorLdel users will consider distance and proximity when making their next attempt.


Wordle was able to pick up the trends and was listed as the 4th most popular website on Google. WorLdel is a new website and it may take longer to gain users. WorLdel’s interface is the simplest and most user-friendly. Both games are educational and entertaining. WorLdel, however, will require more geography knowledge than Wordle’s English vocabulary.


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