This article covers a range of services that a website offers online to assist with long-distance moving. Visit Cross Country

Do you want to know more about a website that offers services for long-distance relocating? Let’s take a look at the services and features offered by the website if you answered yes.

To simplify the complicated process of moving, residents in the United States prefer professional assistance.

Moving is more complicated when there are more family members. Professional movers are the best choice. Continue reading Cross Country

About MovingAPT Website

MovingAPT offers a variety of professional services for people who are moving to distant places. These services include finding the right home for the family. You can select the services you need according to your convenience and budget.

Website users can also list their budget in order to help the team plan the entire event, including finding a new house, packing household materials, and arranging the movers.

Cross Country

  • MovingAPT website offers multiple services to help residents move to another place.
  • Collaborating with small service providers is key to the success of your move.
  • You can also equip your new home with essential utilities like electricity and water service.
  • To benefit from the service offered, the website user can submit a detailed list and avoid any last-minute delays.

How to Book Their Services?

  • Visit MovingAPT’s official website.
  • Enter the Zip Code and City where you want to relocate. Then, click “Calculate My Quote.” Learn more about Cross Country
  • Online customer support is provided to the user.
  • Next, the user will need to enter the move’s size.
  • Next, choose the day you want to move.
  • In a description, the user must describe the basics of the move.
  • For further communication, please provide your email id.
  • The user must then submit their mobile number, confirm it with OTP verification and finally, enter the password.
  • After reviewing the requirements of the user, a team member will contact them. Let’s learn more about Cross Country

Other Website Information

  • MovingAPT website has an 86% Trust score. This trust score is due in part to the site’s age and detection of HTTPS protocol.
  • The domain name for the website was created on August 30, 2010.
  • Domain expiry date is 08/30/2026
  • The domain’s age is 11 years and 319 days.
  • Trust Pilot Platform does not have any user reviews.


If you don’t plan properly, relocation can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Professional help is helpful to make the process smooth and within your budget.


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