As a landlord, it’s hard to capture just how critical great tenants are to your business.

You’re entrusting tenants with your most valuable asset: Your property.

This means it’s imperative that they take care of it and respect your rules.

Great tenants make your life easier.

In particular, the best tenants have a strong work ethic, value honesty, are great communicators, are financially responsible, and abide by rules.

Of course, great tenants have additional characteristics, but these five are the bread and butter of great tenants.

1. Strong Work Ethic

First and foremost, you need tenants that can pay the rent. Tenants with stable income and employment are key. You need to know that renters have the means to pay on time and in full. A commitment to work will significantly increase your chances of always collecting the rent. 

For example, if a tenant loses a job while renting from you, that could be an extremely challenging experience. However, someone with a strong work ethic has a better chance of landing a new job or figuring out a creative way to obtain rent money. This quality carries a lot of weight because it makes your tenants more reliable regardless of changing circumstances.

A strong work ethic is also indicative of how organized tenants will be. Great tenants clean up after themselves and are respectful regarding where they live. They won’t leave trash all over the place or turn your rental into a landfill. 

2. Honesty

Although honesty is a prominent characteristic of great people, it’s integral to great tenants. You want tenants that tell the truth and hold themselves to a high standard. Dishonest tenants create nightmare scenarios. 

Regarding the example above, if something happens to a tenant that makes rent unaffordable, you will appreciate transparent, proactive communication before it negatively affects your financial situation. Even though a tenant isn’t required to share all their personal information with their landlord, they must submit their rent throughout the lease term. If rent payments randomly stopped coming through, you would have to consider eviction.

However, if tenants communicate with you and try to work through solutions, you might work out alternative arrangements or figure out adjustments.

3. Great Communication

Communication is the foundation of every landlord-tenant relationship. Poor tenant communication is a house built on quicksand. If you and your tenants aren’t on the same page, it will cause issues.

Communication says a lot about a tenant. Are they prompt about getting back to you? Do they pay attention to details? Do they promptly follow through on the things they promised to do? Great tenants do all these things and more. They care about your property.

Be clear about how you want to communicate. Set up expectations that work for you and your tenants. Between texts, emails, and applications, there are many efficient ways to communicate. Use technology to your advantage and make things easy for tenants. Great tenants will appreciate your efforts and fully embrace proactive communication.

It’s almost inevitable that maintenance issues will arise, and communication is vital when they do. Great tenants will reach out right away. They will provide the information you need to decide how to fix things. The best tenants add value to your property because they help maintain it by staying on top of issues.

4. Financially Responsible

Financial responsibility is such a crucial part of being a great tenant. Even if someone has a strong work ethic, is a great communicator, and values honesty, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re financially responsible. 

Being a good steward of money isn’t easy, but great tenants know how to budget. They live within their means and spend wisely. They have backup plans in the event of an unforeseen crisis. They’re the best kind of tenant because they’re reliable when it comes to money. And that impacts rent payments. 

It also makes your life less stressful because it’s much less likely they’ll come to you needing extensions for rent payments. Great tenants know how to manage their money.

5. Abide by Rules

The best tenants follow your rules. They read the lease and know what is expected of them. They don’t damage or misuse things on your property. They’re responsible and respectful.

Furthermore, great tenants go out of their way to respect your property. For example, exceptional tenants might water plants or ask insightful questions about upkeeping the property. The idea here is that they respect you the same way you respect them. 

The best tenants treat rentals like their own property. They turn off lights when they’re not in rooms, wash dishes after using them, clean the sink every so often, etc. The little things matter, and the best tenants will do these little things. 

Great Tenants Make All the Difference

When you find tenants with strong work ethics who are honest, communicate well, are financially responsible, and abide by the rules, you’ve hit the jackpot. Great tenants make your life better. And they elevate your business.


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