Complete information about the coming Initial Public Offerings: IPOs haven’t had such a high demand from investors as they have experienced in recent years. According to statistics that are available, the total of IPOs is well over the INR 100 million crore mark this year. In less than one month to go until the end this year, future investors could have similar investor participation in the coming IPOs.

What exactly do you mean by an upcoming IPO?

The upcoming IPO can be thought to be the category of companies that have submitted an DRHP and are scheduled to be listed within the next week or in the month in 2022.If investors are contemplating financing for the IPO it is important to avoid being swept up in the hype that could hinder a promising business. Numerous companies have launched with high-minded goals but have failed within just a few years.

Memory Lane

In the latter part of the 1990s and early 2000s , during the stock bubble and bust stockholders became acutely aware of the risks involved through first publicly-traded offerings (IPOs). Because of this incredibly speculative period in US market for shares and stocks time, some depositors saw significant gains on the value of their IPO investments, whereas other investors suffered significant harm afterward the shares of countless knowledge stocks fell.

What steps should I take to take to apply to the initial public offering (IPO)?

  • Log into your 5paisa account , then go to the present IPO section.
  • Input the number of lots you want to apply for and the price you’ll need to pay for.
  • Enter your UPI ID and click the surrender button. Your proposal will be sent to the exchange in the aftermath of this.
  • Within Your UPI application, you’ll be issued an obligation notice that will stop the account.
  • If you’re a proponent of the mandate option on your UPI the reserves of your account will be clogged.

Create multiple demat accountsApplying to multiple demat accounts and five paisa will be the most effective method to increase your odds of receiving your IPO allotment. Multiple applications could boost the chances of being selected for an IPO being allocated. The bid must be at the highest amount you can and every IPO includes a price band and the cut-off point refers to the most expensive price that falls within this band.

Do not wait for the Final Day The investors typically wait for HNI as well as QIB subscription figures to assess the mood of investors before investing their money. But, banks generally accept applications up to 4 p.m. however, if you submit an application after the deadline on the last date of IPO Your application could be denied.

Make the Final CallFinally make an application for the category of shareholders to be a shareholder into the company that is parent to. In the event that an IPO is being launched by the parent company of a company that was previously registered at an exchange(s) by applying to the “Shareholder” category gives you the best chance of obtaining the IPO allotment.

Highly subscribed IPO investorsSome typical questions investors have to ask “Why is No shares allotted to me in IPO?” “I haven’t gotten any allotment in multiple applications” “why am I not getting allotment in any of the IPOs?” are typical queries for IPO investors. Therefore it is evident that only the luckiest people are able to get allotments from highly attended IPOs.


There are IPOs in which even those who made one application are allotted however, others have to submit several numbers, but aren’t allotted. This indicates how the procedure is automated and the lucky applicant is awarded the allotment.


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