Amazon is an international e-commerce company that almost everyone loves and uses. It is the largest shopping platform in the world, with more than 300 million users. Amazon, like all websites and apps, is subject to occasional glitches. Amazon lost $34 billion in sales just a few months back due to an internet outage. Another glitch is now preventing customers from placing orders or checking their order history. This is known as the Cs 11 error, and it has caused chaos for customers who are waiting for delivery. What is the Cs 11 error? What is the fix? Is this a problem that Amazon has acknowledged? Continue reading to learn more about Cs 11 Error in Amazon App.

What is the Cs 11 error and how can it be avoided?

Users are unable to access the Amazon application because of the Cs 11 error. Users cannot view their order history, place new orders, view account information, or use several of the app’s features. Users get the message “Sorry, something went wrong” every time they go to their order history and try to place orders. We are working to fix it. (CS11).” The glitch was discovered on Tuesday 10 August and is still not fixed.

Error Cs 11

This error is still not understood. The Cs 11 error only affects iOS users who use the amazon app. The glitch does not appear to be present for Android users who use the app. It is unknown if the problem is specific to an iPhone model or an iOS version.

Are customers around the globe affected by this error?

Customers in India are most affected by the Cs 11 error. Customers in Germany, parts of Europe and the USA also experience this error.

Cs 11 Error Fix

There is currently no solution for the Cs 11 error. The issue will not be fixed by restarting or reinstalling your iPhone.

Gadgets 360’s email about the Cs 11 error was received by its spokesperson. Gadgets 360 sent an email to the spokesperson, expressing concern about the Cs 11 error.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by customers shopping. Your patience is appreciated as we try to resolve the problem.

Customer Reviews

Customers began experiencing the Cs 11 error and immediately took to Twitter or Reddit to seek help.

Amazon user “@AmazonHelp” tweeted Amazon, saying that he’d been experiencing this error since days with his iPhone running iOS15. It seems like thousands of other people are experiencing it. Is there a way to fix this?

Another user shared their experience by tweeting, “@AmazonHelp iPhone 8 Plus iOS 15 public beta, Amazon Shopping app keeps displaying CS11 error; Permissions correct, app was uninstalled then reinstalled, but no change.” It could be a server-side problem. We appreciate your assistance. “Have a pleasant day!” One wrote before there was a flood of complaints.

Many users were annoyed and frustrated. Amazon is the preferred shopping destination for millions of people. One user was particularly furious and said that they could not access the @amazon app from their iOS devices because of a “CS11 error.” @YahooFinance @CNBS, when will Amazon fix this?

AmazonHelp responded to millions of messages and tweeted: “We are sorry for the problems you have with our app. This is a known issue that our teams are working to fix. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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