Are you looking for a new Warframe like Octavia in your search for coolness? The new frame must be able to defend himself and deal significant damage to his enemies. Look no further, because Revenant Warframe will complete your search.

Learn more about the Revenant Warframe

Revenant is a powerful Warframe that emits sentient energy and can quickly destroy enemies. He protects himself by using Mesmer Skin, which bounces damage back at enemies. He protects himself from his enemies and loots health. This Warframe might also harness the power of Eidolon to convert his enemies into Thralls. He then uses his Danse Macabre ability, which generates explosive beams to cause damage.

How to Get Residency

To farm Revenant Warframe you will need his blueprints. The Mask of the Revenant Quest will give you the blueprints. You must first achieve the Observer rank with the Quills before you can access this quest.

You must have enough Sentient Cores in Eidolons or Vomvalysts drops to reach the Observer rank. These drops can be found at Cetus’ Plains of Eidolon or Quill Onnko. Next, you will need to hand the Sentient Cores to stand.

To get the mask, you must visit Nakak in Cetus once you have attained the desired rank. You will be given the Mask in exchange for one Cetus Wisp. You will need to put the Mask on once you have received it.

Nakak will provide clear instructions to help you complete the Revenant Warframe Quest quickly and easily. You will receive the main blueprints once it is completed.

Let’s move on to the next step: getting the blueprints. For them, you will need to return to Cetus. You will find the blueprints in the Ostron Konzu bounties. These blueprints include the Neuroptics, Systems and Chassis blueprints. These blueprints can be retrieved from various bounty drops.


Learn More About Revenant Warframe

How to Get Returned

How do I get the Revenant Warframe System Blueprint

Konzu can be found near the Eidolon gates. You can talk to Konzu to receive bounties and interact with the Eidolon stations. You can check out the rewards and prizes available for each award. You will have to work hard to earn your rewards. Sometimes, the odds are not in your favor. Bounty missions have stiff enemies, so ensure you have a strong Warframe and a powerful team.

How to get the Revenant Warframe System Blueprint

  • You will need to complete bounties at levels 20-40 in order to obtain the Systems blueprint (uncommon rewards).
  • Complete the level 30-50 bounties to earn the Chassis Blueprint (uncommon rewards).
  • Finally, in order to obtain the Neuroptics Blueprint (rare reward), bounties must be completed ranging from levels 40-60.

You can also build the components yourself. These resources are required:

  • Neuroptics component: 15,000 credits, 3 Neural Sensors and 15 Intact Sentinent cores.
  • Chassis component: 15,000 Credits. 3 Morphic. 10 Intact Sentient cores. 1500 Rubedos. 50 Iradites.
  • Systems Component: 15000 Credits, 3 Control Modules. 3 Cetus Wisps. 8000 Salvages. 3000 Polymer Bundles.

Each component will take approximately 12 hours to construct.

Once you have all three components, the Revenant Warframe can be built. The entire process takes another 72 hours.


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