The name Logan Paul is synonymous with a lot of things, and if you are already active on social platforms like YouTube and TikTok, you should already have a good understanding on who he is. In addition to now being a passionate boxer, he’s a social media influencer with over 530 million video views in the last three months.

One of his latest videos has reached over 400 million people and has garnered over 2.7 million likes. Many brands are already tapping him for marketing campaigns, and he’s even been featured on Adweek’s cover story. With all of these content pieces and marketing methods working for him, there is no need for Logan to worry about buying more IG followers in order to help make him more popular.

This article will explain more about the social media influencer, and how you can start growing your following as well.

Who is Logan Paul?

If you’re wondering Who is Logan Paul, read this first. Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber and social media personality, signed to WWE. A professional wrestler, he has over 23 million YouTube subscribers and runs the Impaulsive podcast. His YouTube channel is the most-watched in the world. His videos have earned him over $1 billion in total views, and he’s even signed with WWE!

After finding the body of a man, Logan posted a video online. The video was a collection of jokes that many viewers found offensive. YouTube suspended Logan’s account, and a petition to remove his videos was circulated. After the video went viral, Logan stopped posting and took a break, saying he needed time to think. But before all this, he’s been the subject of controversy before. And if you think that his controversy with YouTube is just the beginning, think again.

How Did Logan Paul Get Famous?

Before the scandals started, Logan Paul was known as a less controversial Paul brother. In one of his YouTube videos, he filmed a dead body in Japan and later uploaded it. The video became known as the “Suicide Forest video” and garnered extreme backlash. It is considered one of the worst YouTube stunts ever, and damaged Paul’s reputation and career. So, how did Logan Paul get famous?

After becoming famous, Jake Boutte and Logan started making videos. They grew popular on Vine, the ill-fated video platform from Twitter. But, as soon as Vine was discontinued, both Logan and Jake migrated to YouTube, where they have amassed a huge following of over 20 million. They are now working on repairing their image and reputation. The question is: How did Jake and Logan become famous?

Logan Paul as a Professional Boxer

YouTuber and professional boxing enthusiast Logan Paul recently signed a multi-event deal with WWE. In a tweet, the former ring rat posted a picture of himself signing a contract with the company’s acting CEO, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H. While the specifics of the deal have yet to be revealed, the deal is likely to involve multiple events and TV appearances.

While not an official boxing career, Paul does have a sibling, Jake, who is a professional boxer. The two brothers are close and often fight on the same day. The younger brother, Jake, began his boxing career after his brother Logan Paul became a professional boxer. After fighting Deji, Jake also began competing professionally, and today he has over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

Logan Paul on Instagram

After revealing to fans that Ariana Grande blocked him on Instagram, Logan Paul is back on the internet to explain why. The two are not the first to have argued about this, as he posted about it on his own account. In a recent interview, David Dobrik called Logan a “major sellout.” But his fans may think otherwise. Here’s how he learned. And how’s his latest relationship with Instagram model Corinna Kopf fairing?

Before we get into Logan’s Instagram story, it is important to know where he is. While he may be a popular Instagram user, it is still not widely known whether he is a real person. The YouTube sensation has recently met Drake and shared a photo with him, but he didn’t post the image on his own account. Fans were quick to comment, claiming that Drake had actually met Logan before.

Logan Paul YouTube Channel

The ban on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel has been lifted, but the controversy hasn’t ended. YouTube executives are deciding whether or not to allow advertisements on Paul’s videos. YouTube will not feature his videos in its Trending section, nor will non-subscribers receive notifications when he posts new videos. In addition, the video of Paul slapping a dead rat with a taser remains available online.

The ramifications of this decision are many. The controversy over Logan Paul’s video of a dead man being tasered on camera has sparked a public backlash. Many parents want YouTube to suspend the channel and institute more stringent screening processes. While the ban on Logan Paul’s video is temporary, it may prove to be permanent. And, while YouTube has suspended the channel for now, it will continue to be viewed by millions of people.


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