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Are you aware of bias in the medical profession? Are you aware of the ways it occur? Are you aware of strong experimental vaccines? If not, you’re in the right place. In this blog post we’ll help you learn everything you can about discrimination in the medical field and the best way to stop it, with the help of Stop discrimination in the medical field.

This website was created to end the discrimination that occurs within the medical field under the guise of research vaccines. In this post we will also discuss about the protection of medical privacy in all countries.

Let’s take a review the most recent update.

What’s the web page to be about?

Stop discrimination in medical care is a website exclusively designed to end the forced medical vacancies that are being experimented across the medical field. This is a petition that everyone around the world are signing to protect their privacy in the medical field. Follow the link stopmedical to know details.

The site is designed to make you aware of the rights to privacy and equality you are entitled to for your health issues and you must be aware that no one is able to violate the law. It will be helpful to not let your hospital representative, employer or even the government to violate it.

What steps will SMD going to do?

In the petition, no one should be forced to undergo the test vaccine. This pressure can be imposed by government agencies in large numbers or even by airlines, schools and other renowned institutions.

The website was created to take a number of strict measures against those who try to force people to receive the vaccine. The petition is growing in popularity all over the world due to the cause for which it is a stand.

This is a great possibility for those who wish to safeguard themselves from an assault that can lead to their own death in a case of extreme danger.

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What is the comments to the stop discrimination in the field of medicine?

Positive responses have been observed since the petition was created. A majority of people are aware of the issue and are taking action by signing the petition in protest against discrimination in the field of medicine.

As of now, 163824 people are signed up to up to the petition and the number of people who have signed it is growing at a rapid rate. The petition page has been added to Instagram was set up with around 4000 followers on the site. Since the petition supports a worthy cause, more are interested in the cause.

Many people have realized the motivation of the campaign. A vaccine without concern is risky. So make sure you’re not forced to do the procedure.


In the end, we’d like to conclude with a reminder to be following stopping discrimination based on medical and understand the reason behind the. Be aware of your rights and avoid being affected by any large authority. It’s a death or life choice, so do not be pressured by a forceful vaccine.

By being a person who signed this petition you will be able to stop discrimination against medical professionals across the globe.


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