Instagram is among the most well-known social media platforms, where users post their photos and stories. Instagram was founded in 2010, and to this day it has managed to keep users entertained by introducing new features, designs and, most importantly, it has turned into a source for revenue. A few people showcase their talents and entertain their friends through sharing reels, stories and photos.

Many people enjoy checking IG videos and stories posted by other users, but do not reveal their identity to the creator or creator of the content. In this case there are tools to enable users to remain anonymous and let you browse reels, photos, videos and stories from other users. The tool ” smihub” allows users to go into anonymity and browse the Instagram profile of others.

What is SMIhub?

Smihub is also commonly referred to as Dumpor is among the best tools to look up Instagram stories photos, profiles, profile pictures and more without revealing your the real persona. You are able to look up any person who is anonymous, or download images or videos. This application is designed for people who want to look through Instagram posts and reels of other users , but do not want to reveal their identities.

The software is free and extremely simple to use and use, which is among the main reasons why people go to use it. Smihub lets you check the profile photos, profiles reels, videos and allows users to download things to the device. It also gives users the possibility of searching for videos using hashtags. This is the perfect tool to track or follow any person in anonymity.Smihub

1. What is the way Smihub function?

If you’re the one seeking to verify the Instagram profile or stories of any anonymous user then follow these steps:

  • Visit this official website (Smihub currently currently functioning in the role of Dumper).
  • It is essential to find the profile URL. If you wish to track and find the user’s username on Instagram and click on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner. Choose “copy Profile URL” to obtain the unique ID that the person is using.
  • If you’re just looking to look at every user’s Instagram story or profile photos, copy the URL for the profile and select “search”.
  • Anyone who wants for downloading any reel or story or even images by clicking”Download from Instagram “Download via Instagram” option that is available on the Instagram site. Enter the URL of the profile, and then click “process” to move forward.
  • When you’ve received an Instagram post click “Download” to begin downloading the user’s video from Instagram.

2. Features

  • Smihub lets users browse Instagram using an anonymous user name. IG reels, stories, images, tagged posts as well as videos, are all accessible.
  • The tools allow you to analyze any user’s comments, likes comments, likes, or followers without revealing their identity.
  • Smihub was designed specifically to gather Instagram information. It is searchable even by hashtags and locations. If you’re looking to begin the career you want to pursue on Instagram begin searching using hashtags.
  • Videos and images can be easy to download to your device using the hyperlink. The downloaded content will be of use in the future and remain accessible even without internet access.


What is the reason why Smihub so popular?

The rising demand for such tools has brought about a number of other alternatives, however the majority of them cost money. However, Smihub is no cost and provides all the necessary services that will help you collect every bit of information on the user.

What can you test with SMIhub?

Smihub allows you to view profiles online images reels, videos or even IG stories from any user. You can also save it to your device for later use. It lets you download images or videos even with hashtags.


If you would like to know more on any user, or are looking to obtain videos, images, or reels of the user , without sharing their identity, use the smihub service. It’s among the most simple tools and comes with all the features needed to stalk or view an individual. There aren’t many negative reviews on smihub. However, it is advised to avoid any tool that is used to stalk.


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