Check out this blog to verify your inquiry. Is Floryclothe legit? about a brand new online platform that offers clothes and shoes related in women’s clothing.

Do you enjoy flowery dresses? Are you well-known by your friends for wearing the shoes perfectly to your attire? Are you looking to purchase more fashionable shoes to complete your collection? If yes, then look over this article to discover the fashion websites that you might be interested in.

This article has reviewed the recent launch of an online store. Women who shop around the world are keen to know whether the website is legitimate. We suggest that you to continue reading to resolve your doubts about the legitimacy of Floryclothe Legit.

Is Floryclothe Authentic?

Read the details below to verify the site’s authenticity. When you’ve read the information it is possible to determine that you are shopping on this site.

  • Website Age Website Age This platform is just five months old, and the date of its launch is November 2021.
  • Site Trust Index =2 percent This is a very poor Trust Score.
  • Alexa Rank:2,196,067 which is a lower ranking. It’s evident that the website was unable to get much traffic since it was launched.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews HTML0There isn’t a section on this website that allows customers to share their Floryclothe reviews.
  • Social Media ConnectionsThe creators have shared the social media buttons on this site for Pinterest as well as Facebook.
  • Product Images Product Images No image of a product on this site has revealed the face of the model. This suggests that the developers copied images from another platform. In addition, if one studies the images it is clear that the images have been superposed and altered.
  • Contact Information Contact Details Owner has supplied two contact details with various names of companies. Additionally, the e-mail address doesn’t have the domain name of the website.

Based on this we believe the site is suspicious. We cannot however declare the legitimacy of Floryclothe Legit since it’s new.

What is Floryclothe?

Floryclothe is a digital platform that sells clothing specifically designed for women, including tops, sweaters, dresses cardsigans, sweatshirts coats and so on. Additionally, it handles accessories like bags, and different types of women’s shoes.


  • Website Type Website Type A online store selling clothes and accessories for women’s fashion.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Addresses – 10, Anson Rd., 27-18 International Plaza, Singapore-079903; Room no. 101, 31/F, The Gateway Tower, 5,15, Canton Rd., Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln, Hong Kong
  • Telephone Number – Absent. This could be a confirmation of your questions about Are Floryclothe Legit.
  • E-mail Id –
  • Sorting Method –Present
  • Filter By – Unavailable
  • Shipping Information Shipping Information The normal time to ship is between 15 and 25 working days and costs EUR6.99. Free shipping is available for purchases of EUR49.99.
  • Terms of Return and Return Policy The policy for return and refunds is HTML0. This policy has 30 days after delivery. The typical timeframe for refunds is between one and up to eight days.
  • Social Media Connections – Present
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy – Available
  • Product Price – Mentioned in Euros.
  • Payment Methods Credit or debit cards that belong to MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and more.


  • The site has a vast selection of goods.
  • The developers have written down all legal details within the Privacy Policy.

Cons Elucidating Is Floryclothe Legit

  • The faces of the models on the images of the products aren’t revealed, causing questions regarding the copyright rights of the images.
  • The different images of an item appear to be edited and superposed.
  • The drop-down menu of currency at page 1 of homepage is not functional.
  • In the Contact Us section mentions this platform has a profile on Instagram However, the URL isn’t there.
  • The individual concerned has provided two physical addresses that belong to other organisations. There is no contact number is provided on this website.
  • The pagination system is not present which makes it difficult to browse through the items.

Floryclothe Reviews

We could not get feedback on this platform on the top review sites. The buyers may haven’t been able to trust this site because it’s not yet established on the market of e-commerce. The designers haven’t provided a reviewing section of the platform. Therefore, we were not able to find any information on the platform. In light of the lack of verified reviews, we advise that you read more reviews before you try out this platform.


Based on our investigation this website appears dubious. We are however unable to declare that Floryclothe legalas it was just created.


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