Did you know about the murder charges against Ji Min Sha? People across all over the United States and around the world are shocked and utterly terrified following the news of the incident that took place on the campus of Purdue university. If you’re unaware of the story and would like to know more about the incident. Then you’re at the right spot. This article about Ji Min Sha Purdue University will provide information about the incident as well as all other pertinent information regarding Ji Min Sha and Victim.

What was the story during Sha Purdue?

A student identified as Varun Manish Chheda died in the hall of residence at Sha Purdue University. The reason for the death was multiple brutal force injuries. The roommate of the victim, Ji Min Sha, is the primary suspect in the case and was accused of murder.

Purdue University Student Killed In Dorm Room

The student who died in the room of the dorm is Manish Chheda. On Wednesday at 12:45 am, JI Min Sha, Manish’s roommate, contacted police and informed authorities of Manish’s death. Manish. Further details regarding the phone call aren’t being released yet by authorities. As of now, police have detained Ji Min Sha as he was the only person to see Manish within the Dorm room.

Information on Jin Min Sha and Manish Chheda

Ji Min Sha, Jimmy is an international South Korean student. He is an undergraduate in Purdue University and pursuing a junior Cybersecurity major. He is currently being held by the police for the murder charge.

Manish Chheda who was 22, was the student killed. Manish was a junior student in data science in Purdue University from Indianapolis. Manish died in the Dorm Room located on the Indiana Campus in the United States.

Ji Min Sha Purdue University comment

When Ji Min Sha got arrested by the police, his sole sentence was that he loved his parents. Except for repeating it but he’s not spoken about the crime.


The article aims to provide details about the murder of a Purdue University student and the suspect in the murder, Ji Min Sha.


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