Seattle is a technique developed in a severe northern city. It offers tourists unforgettable scenery of mountains and ocean, attracts science buffs with Boeing manufacturers, and impresses everyone. Even fans of Twilight will remember Bella being in this distant city for a while. Well, what will the city become for you and your fellow travelers? Will you be on time to see all the views and landmarks and try delicious food? The answer is yes if you consider renting a 12-passenger van for your team. Let’s learn more about how to arrange a van!

Discuss the car of your dreams

You may find different car classes and types as you search on the internet. The selection is broad, so you will fall in love with the suggested offers from various providers. You may be sure that services take care of vehicles so that you will receive a clean car in the perfect technical condition. Yet, you should think of your unique needs. What is the preferable option, to rent a car with 12 seats or an SUV for the countryside? Seattle and the neighborhood have all of those. Think of the age of your travelers, how much baggage people carry, and what are the extra facilities. Kids must receive a baby seat; a driver would like to get the SatNav extra. It is a generalized need list.

Talk to your fellows

Once you discuss the requirements with your team, you may find a lot regarding the beloved manufacturer or the span between the rows inside the vehicle. Then, find the golden mid and approve the deal online. We recommend you start selecting a car at least two weeks before your trip so there are enough cars and lower prices.

Write down landmarks to visit

You might be highly organized if you are about to take up to twelve people on the trip. You will take care of your travelers and make them punctual. Thus, the necessity to create your route is not a surprise for you. We recommend writing down the list of the desired destinations and landmarks to attend. Seattle is rich in diverse locations. Come to watch the baseball game at the Safeco Field, admire the silence and majesty of the Seattle Public Library, and learn some aviation history on the territory of the very first Boeing plant. The latter is the museum now. Also, hiking the tourist trails and observing nature is necessary for these places.

Follow the schedule

In addition, please create a schedule. You can use local real-time cams and weather forecasts to know the time of traffic jams to avoid them. You can check the available parking sites to save time. Last but not least, you may see the day when you need a rental car. You may want to go on your trip by plane so that you may take a car to one place and drop it off at the airport. Service for passenger van rental in Seattle has different offices so that you can choose the convenient one along your route. Do not neglect that homework.

Collect the documents

The rules and requirements for the van are the same as for general vehicles. A driver should bring an ID, a driving license, and a credit card. If you are a foreigner, double-check if there is a necessity to order an international driving permit. For some countries, the latter is a must. In addition, one should ensure sufficient funds to cover the 12-seater car rental price plus the deposit. Please, note that a renter can not pay for the services with a card of his friend who is also on the trip. It must be the renter’s name on the card you pay with.

Do not forget to print out the e-voucher if you preorder your wheels online. You might receive it in your email if you fulfilled the form correctly.

Learn about parking in Seattle

It may be challenging for megapolis residents to park their cars, not saying about a newcomer. When visiting a new state or city, read about local parking rules, laws, and peculiarities. They may impress you and help you to avoid unnecessary stress. So, drivers in Seattle have three options. There is metered parking on streets, numerous garages and parking sites, and hotels that suggest free parking on their territory. If you plan to leave a car for some time, choose the locations with a blue “P” sign. This decision will cost you three dollars per hour instead of seven as in other city parts. It is worth saying that there are many colorful signs on behalf of parking. For example, a turquoise marker indicates a fixed price for parking on evenings and weekends. Also, you can use a comprehensive map or a parking tracker in real-time. Just a few clicks to search for the cheapest available parking sites. That is amazing!

Arrange the trip, gather your friends, and explore the great Seattle! Then, have a great time on the Pacific Ocean shores!


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