In this article you will read about Frankspeech Com.

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, launched as a new social networking platform. This platform was designed to be an alternative to social media platforms that Lindell feels censor conservative voices. allows people to freely voice their opinions without fear of censorship and deplatforming.

After being banned from many social media platforms, Mike Lindell founded to promote conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. Lindell believes his views were censored and filtered by large tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter, which he claims have biases against conservatives. Lindell was fed up with the censorship of big tech companies and mainstream media. He created a new platform to express his opinions.

Features at has many features that are very similar to other social media platforms. You can create profiles and post updates. Users can also interact with others. A live chat feature allows users to interact with one another in real time. also offers a news section, which aggregates news stories across a range of sources.

Challenges Facing faced many challenges since its inception. has been criticised for allowing hate speech to be posted and false information to go on the site. Users have also experienced frustration and downtime due to technical problems. continues to grow and is popular among conservatives who feel their voices are not being heard by other social media platforms.

The Future of

Although’s future is uncertain, it has the potential to be a major player on the social media platform. It could be a leading platform for conservative voices if it can overcome the technical and social issues it faces. These issues may not be addressed by the platform, and it could struggle to gain mainstream acceptance.

Conclusion offers a different platform to social media platforms that many feel have biases against conservative voices. Although the platform has had its ups and downs, it is poised to be a major player within the social media market. It will be fascinating to see how the platform addresses its challenges and what effect it has on the wider social media landscape.


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