Are you looking for Flockstar Shop reviews to find out its truth? You are in the right spot. Let’s see if this is a Flockstar.Shop scam or a legit company.

Here are additional details that confirm Flockstar Shop to be fraudulent:

Brand misuse

It uses the United States Postal Service’s name by using the USPS.COM website name and logo, without any association with the USPS.

NOTE: While it is using the USPS name at the time this review was written, it could misuse another brand or change its website details in the future. There are many scam websites that do the same.

Contact Information

Its email address is “”, which is a free address, but not its domain-specific one. Legit websites usually provide email addresses related to their domain names.

Social Media Presence

It provided fake social media icons at its bottom that take you to the respective sites’ home pages when you click them. Instead of sending you to its business-related social media pages, profiles or groups, it did so.

Copied content

Many of the details on the website’s website are identical to those found on multiple scam websites.

Special Sales and Discounts

Many products have been listed on the site with huge discounts. Scam sites often offer such discounts in order to lure people to their scams. It has, for example, listed these products for sale -Stamps : U.S. Flag 2022. Florentine Madonna & Child 2016. Ice Cream, Backyard Games. 80 Pcs. Wedding Roses Commemorative. 100 Pcs. Contemporary Boutonniere 2020. Hanukkah. A Visit from St Nick 2021.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many online shops selling similar products that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


The above facts confirm that Flockstar Shop online scam is a fraud.

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