If you’re anything like us, you probably use your Amazon Kindle a lot more than you might think. Perhaps you’ve used it to read books, but there are plenty of other great uses for the device that we didn’t mention in our previous article. In this article, we’re going to share five great uses for your best books to sell on amazon that don’t involve reading books. From using it as a digital dictionary to staying organised and learning new languages, these are all great reasons to keep your Kindle around.

Download Audiobooks

When it comes to Kindle, there are tons of cool things that you can do with it beyond reading books. Here are just a few:

1. Download audiobooks – One great way to use your Kindle is to download audiobooks. You can choose from a wide variety of titles, and many are narrated by talented actors. You can also listen to them on your Kindle Fire, Android phone, or iPhone.

2. Read newspapers and magazines – If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time to read every single newspaper or magazine that comes in the mail. But with your Kindle, you can easily read the latest issues without having to carry them around with you. Just open up the Kindle app on your device and select the issue that you want to read.

3. Read books while traveling – If you often travel for work or pleasure, carrying around multiple books is typically not an option. But with your Kindle, you can easily load up some new books on it and read them while away from home. Plus, since the Kindle doesn’t require batteries, you can take it with you wherever you go without concern about running out of power mid-trip!

4. Access old books that you forgot about – If you’ve got a bunch of old books that you never seem to get around to reading, why not convert them into digital form and put them on your Kindle? This way, they

Watch Movies and TV Shows

When it comes to entertainment, there are plenty of ways to spend your time on Amazon’s Kindle. Here are a few great uses for the device that aren’t reading books:

1. Watch Movies and TV Shows

One of the main benefits of the Kindle is its ability to watch movies and TV shows. Whether you want to catch up on your current season or start from the beginning, the Kindle has you covered. You can also buy seasons or individual episodes so that you don’t have to wait for a whole series to come out on DVD or Blu-ray.

2. Read Ebooks

If you’re a fan of fiction, then chances are you’re also a fan of ebooks. With the Kindle, you can read novels, short stories, and even newspapers and magazines right on your device. Plus, ebooks are cheaper than their physical counterparts and they don’t take up any space in your home or bag.

3. Work On Your Projects

The Kindle is great for working on projects at home or while travelling. With its large screen and wireless connection, it’s easy to keep up with your work no matter where you are. And since the Kindle doesn’t require batteries, you can take it with you wherever you go without worry.

Use Kindle for Keeping a Journal

When it comes to keeping a journal, Kindle is the perfect device. You can access it anywhere and it’s easy to use. Here are some great uses for Kindle that aren’t reading books:

1. Make a journal on Kindle: This is one of the easiest ways to use Kindle because all you have to do is start typing! With notes, highlights, and bookmarks, you can create a journal that is just like your old school notebooks but with less clutter and more organization.

2. Keep a diary on Kindle: If you want to keep track of your thoughts but don’t want to deal with writing in a journal every day, Kindle makes a great option. You can add photos, quotes, and other content to your entries so they will be more memorable.

3. Read books while commuting: Instead of wasting time reading books that you may not enjoy during your commute, take advantage of Kindle’s wireless connection and read something interesting instead. You won’t even have to take the book with you; just hit the “home screen” button when you get near your destination and the book will automatically load onto your Kindle.

4. Use Kindle while cooking: It can be hard to concentrate when you are cooking because there are so many noises in the kitchen. But using Kindle allows you to read recipes or watch cooking shows without distractions. Plus, having cookbooks on hand saves time if you need

Use Kindle as a Digital Reading Device

1. Kindle as a Digital Reading Device

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of the Kindle as a digital reading device. But that’s exactly what it is – and there are lots of great uses for it that aren’t just reading books. Here are 5 of the best:

1) Use Kindle to Read Newspapers and Magazines: Many people already use their Kindles to read newspapers and magazines online, but you can also download them to your Kindle and read them offline. This is a great way to avoid waiting for articles to load on websites and also saves paper waste.

2) Use Kindle to Access Your Library Books: You can also use your Kindle to access your library books, whether they’re in electronic form or hard copy. Just sign into your account and start reading!

3) Use Kindle for Reference Material: If you have stacks of books collecting dust in your garage or attic, why not turn them into digital reference materials with Kindle? You can easily search through titles, excerpts, and ratings for ideas for future projects or essays.

4) Store Your Files ON YOUR KINDLE instead of Online: Many people store their files online in order to access them from any device they want. But why not store them ON YOUR KINDLE instead? This way, you always have access to your files no matter where you are. Plus, it’s easier on your computer’s storage capacity.

5) Enjoy

Use Kindle to Listen to Music

If you’re a music lover, Kindle can be great way to listen to your favorite tunes. Here are five great ways to use Kindle to listen to music:

1. Download audiobooks and music for offline listening. This is great for when you’re on the go and don’t have access to an internet connection. You can also save audiobooks and music for later listening.

2. Listen to audiobooks while you work or run errands. With Kindle’s built-in speaker, you can listen without having to carry a separate audio player with you.

3. Stream music from your Amazon Music account directly onto your Kindle Fire or Kindle Keyboard. You can also download songs for offline playback.

4. Connect your Kindle Fire or Kindle Keyboard to speakers via Bluetooth and crank up the volume!

5. Use Kindle as a digital jukebox: Load up your favorite albums, artists, or songs and enjoy them as though they were stored on a physical CD or vinyl record. You can also create custom playlists with ease


Amazon’s Kindle has a lot of great features, but there are other ways to use it that aren’t just for reading books. Here are five great uses for the best books to sell on amazon that you may not have known about: 1. Use the Kindle as a travel aide. You can download books and newspapers so that you never have to search for information while on the go. 2. Get organised with your recipes. With Amazon’s recipe software, you can easily keep all of your recipes in one place and access them from anywhere. 3. Keep track of your finances with the Kindle e-reader app. You can manage your budget, read news reports, and more all at once without having to switch between different apps or websites. 4. Read bedtime stories to your children using the Kindle app on their phones or tablets instead of using physical books or flashlights at nighttime. 5. Share e-books with others by sending them an email link or sharing them via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter


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